How to find reference of dead people in France after 1970 -- a guideline #france #guidelines

David Choukroun

Dear all, 

Insee in France stands for "L’Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques"

They are collecting, from all the 35000 communes in France (not a typo 35x1000) the death act of the French citizens
this is not 100% completed -- as paper was used intensively in the 70"s and even 80's and those databases are updated monthly 
You have more than 25 Millions of records here

I wanted to share here "how to do" with an example 

There are various tools to collect the information -- one of them is 
(ok this is my favorite because I know the SW dev. -- you have plenty of them with various interfaces like :

I am looking at all the "Hirschfeld" dead in France from 1970

Just go to Advance search and type the wanted name (here Hirschfeld) - there is a gray framework to help about how to fill-in the fields -- they are ignored
(Georges Pompidou was a French President in  1969 :

You will have a collection of results with variants in orthograph etc... just narrow your research by adding a first name, a gender (becareful, mistakes can happen) etc...

A major function is about the Excel/CSV File as you can organize your filtering as wanted  (see in RED below)

What can you learn : a lot 

let see one record (the first one : HIRSCHFELD Marguerite)

You can lean not only the dead information (date, location city, act number ) on the left side ,  but also the BIRTH dates/location/act number etc.... on the RIGHT side

Those INSEE files are indexed by the major tools (e.g. Geneanet etc...) , but I find them very instructive while looking at siblings or even specific records where you do not know the exact dates/locations of one people

Hope that helps



note : if you do not find your wanted name : either this has not be added (there are holes), either ... the wanted person is dead BEFORE 1970 ... either the wanted person wa NOT FRENCH either... bad luck (= I saw some mistakes in Gender for example)
note2 : many thanks to the developers of MatchID  -- the online documentation is in French today , I will ask them to produce an Eng. version

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