Re: Naturalization Index card states "Missing Record"...lost cause? #usa #records


Ryan: has placed the digitized images on-line of the microfilmed  records from this series of naturalizations.  The film has 360 images. 87 of these consist of a single page with only a Missing Docket note and a name.    #147 (image 354) says: "Missing Dockets  Abraham Kaslik"     
I appears that the original records were damaged or lost  before the index cards were prepared, and before filming.  There must have been a listing in existence whereby the absence of a record could have been determined.

If you have access to I can help you find it yourself.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 7/30/2020 12:03 PM, Ryan Cramer via wrote:
I've found my 2nd great-grandfather (Abraham Kaslick)'s naturalization index card however in the certificate (attached photo) it states "missing record."  
Is this common?  What would be the reason for this record to be missing?
Are there other avenues to pursue where I can find this "missing record"?  Abraham Leib Kaslick was born in Odessa, Russia in May 1858.  According to various census records he arrived in the US between 1886-1889 and settled in East Boston.  Thx

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