Finding a Long Lost Cousin - Unraveling a Clue #general

Carl Kaplan

In searching for a long-lost cousin, I found this potential clue (below my questions) through Ancestry. My great uncle was Joseph Kaplan, and I know he had a daughter named Bertha. My 2 questions regarding the record below are:

1. Since Bertha married in 1940, which means the child (Norma) would have been born out of wedlock, would it be common at that time, especially for a Jewish family, to put down the grandfather as the father.

2. When this Norma is listed in Aug. 1961 as Norma Rabinowitz, does that mean she was married in August, 1961, or simply sometime before that?

Name:        Norma Doris Kaplan [Norma Rabinowitz]
Birth Date: 25 Jan 1938

Birth Place:                  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death Date:                19 Dec 1995

Father:                        Joseph Kaplan

Mother:     Bert D Kaplan

SSN:           162303472

Notes:        Sep 1953: Name listed as NORMA DORIS KAPLAN; Aug 1961: Name listed as NORMA RABINOWITZ; 22 Feb 1990: Name listed as NORMA DORIS RABINOWITZ

Carl Kaplan
Winchester, MA

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