Need Help Interpreting Ellis Island Manifest #records


I would appreciate help in interpreting the writing on my grandmother's Ellis Island manifest.   I am interested in lines 10 to 13, Gitel Malke WEINBERG and children Neche, Freida Taube, and Moshe.  
- Columns 10,11 page 1; 20, page 2:  I believe that the town she was from, and where she was born, is Dobrzyn, Plock Gubernia.  Is this correct?  Unfortunately, there are two Dobrzyns in Plock: Golub-Dobrzyn and Dobrzyn nad Wisla.
- Column 11, page 1: What is her mother's name?  I believe the surname is GARTNER, but can't determine the first name at all.  This woman would be my great-grandmother.
- Column 18, page 2: What is the name of her husband?  I believe it says Itzig WEINBERG.  Is this true?  He would be my grandfather and I know that his name was Isaac/Yitzchak.  I also know that Itzig is Yiddish for that.
Thanks very much.
Mark Weinberg
Wilmington, Delaware

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