Re: Researching meaning of surname from Ukraine #ukraine #names

Dave Lewak

Hi Denise,
this is something of a stretch, but my great-grandparents' surname was Meshurisman, they came from Balta, and had connections in Odessa and Kishinev.  My grandfather changed the surname to Mishuris, and I've seen the original surname spelled Meschurisman, Mishurisman, and many other variations.

Could Meschmar be a shortened form of Meschurisman?

I believe the original meaning of Meshurisman is something like "servant", perhaps someone's occupation.

Dave Lewak
Oakland, CA, USA

researching --
Mishuris, Toberman, Polisar, Flickstein from Balta Ukraine; 
Lewak, Goldberg, Kier, Flaksman, Dwinsky from Drohiczyn, Kobrin and Chomsk in Belarus.
Winzelberg, Wertheim(er), Silberstein from Czchow, Poland; 
Lieberman, Finkelstein from 
Balbieriskis, Lithuania; 

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