Cippe Sonnenschein #ukraine

Carol Jean Weightman

This is the Birth Registration of my grandmother Cippe.
It took me a long time to find it. Always said to have been born on 2 April 1874 in Czernowitz, Cippe’s Birth Registration is in the 1895 Czernowitz Births Volume.
Cippe's parents were Pessie Golde Strudler and Fischel Sonnenschein.
The marriage of Pessie and Fischel was registered with the civil authorities in Czernowitz in 1891. Cippe and her siblings were listed on the 1891 Marriage Registration.
I do not understand the significance of Oktober 1895 which I can see in the Anmerkung column of this Birth Registration.
It is possible that Cippe was born in Stryj and that her birth had been registered there. But I see no reference to Stryj in the Anmerkung on the Birth Registration or on the 1891 Marriage Registration.
It is also possible that a marriage was planned for Cippe to take place in Lviv. There is a photograph of her taken in a studio in Lviv. Is 1895 possibly a reference to this?
I would appreciate a translation of the comments which are across the three columns, as well as any thoughts, interpretations, understanding as to why Cippe’s 1874 birth is in the 1895 register.
Thank you for your help.

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