Brick Wall: Help Needed #ukraine


I have hit a brick wall in researching the ancestry of my great-grandfather, Edward S. Cooper, prior to his marriage to my great-grandmother Goldie Bramer in 1912, in Chicago, Ill.  Soon after marriage, Edward and Goldie moved to Spokane, WA.

While I have some information regarding Edward’s place of birth, I have been unable to confirm specific information about his life prior to arriving in Chicago.  I am assuming that his last name changed at some point.  I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions in moving past this brick-wall.  I have provided a quick list of facts that I have found in my research (declaration of intention and 1900 and 1910 census documents).

Born on 2/12/1886 in Odessa, Russia (Jewish descen

Parents: Esther and Edward (per Spokane, WA death certificate) 

·       Left the port of Libau and arrived in NYC on or about April 15, 1888 (the name of the ship isn’t listed.) We believe an older cousin or sibling traveled with him to the United States. 

I did locate a couple of documents that support that may match up with Edward, but are not definitive and contain some conflicting information.

·       1900 US Federal Census (Chic, Ill):

o   Edward Kooper (age 14), born in 1886.

o   Esther Kooper (age 49) born in 1851.  Head of the family (widowed).

o   Bennie Kooper (age 30) born in 1870.

o   Leo Kooper (age 12) born in 1888.

o   The immigration year listed for all four family members is 1890.


·       1910 US Federal Census (Chic, Ill):

o   Edward Cooper (age 24) born in 1886.

o   Esther Cooper (age 58) born in 1851.

o   The immigration year for both Edward and Esther is 1892.


I did find it interesting that Edward’s two son’s were named Bernard and Gerald Leonard (possibly in honor of his siblings?)

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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