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Dottie Miller

I, too, have MEYER ancestors from neat Lembach. I found another Meyer family from Laubach ,a connection that a descendant of that family and I found very exciting, but then I learned from that Laubach didn't allow Jews to live there. That fact explains why there is no listing of Jewish families in Laubach in Pierre Katz's book that names the Jews in Alsace by town, a book giving the names before and after the 1808 requirement that all subjects of Napoleon's Empire had to take a civil name. The same is true of the 1851 census of Jewish communities compiles by Katz. I found your ancestors listed in Lembach in the latter book. Salomon Meyer is listed as a widower. There is a notation that he was born in Bavaria. in Niederhochstadt. You can most likely find civil records of life events in the Departmental Archives for Alsace, in Strasbourg, France, available online. Once you've found them, I'd be happy to read them for you, up until 1871 when Alsace was lost to Germany and the records from then on till after WWI are in German.
Dottie Miller

MEYER (Goersdorf), DREYFUS (Brumath and Duppigheim), BIGART (Gerstheim), GERNSBACHER (Buhl), GUGENHEIMER (Ihringen and Breisach), JACOBSON (Vilna), BOGASLAVSKY (Ukraine), SERIENSKY (Ukraine)

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