Harry Moatz

I have been researching my SCHWARZ / SCHWARTZ family from Monasterzyska and Stanislawow (now Ivano-Frankivisk).  Two lines in the family present brick walls.  I ask for your help, guidance, suggestions.  I’ll address them separately below. 


Line 1.   Moshe Schwarz (abt 1815-2000) had three sons, Abraham Meier (the eldest), PERETZ, and Mordechai (aka MARKUS).  Moshe probably lived in Monasterzyska his entire life. Peretz’ and Mordechai’s descendants are known.  Some members of their families moved from Monasterzyska to Stanislawow in the 1880’s; the others remained in Monasterzyska and emigrated from there.  My tree for Peretz and Mordechai is substantial and very well documented.


The first wall arises with Abraham Meir Schwarz, born about 1845, probably in Monasterzyska.  Though married, the name of his wife is unknown.  Whether he came to the US and when is unknown.  He had five children, JOEL, SAUL, LEO, ESTELLE and LIBA.  No information is known about their dates of birth or death, whether and when they immigrated to the US, or whether they married.  I assume Abraham's children were born about 1865-1885.


I have searched for them on Ancestry, Family Search, JRI-Poland, and  On stevemorse,com, I have searched for the names of all persons immigrating from either Monasterzyska or Stanislawow, and separately all Schwarzes (various spellings) coming from either town. Not finding anything about them suggests they either did not immigrate to the US, or they emigrated elsewhere, e.g., Canada.  No luck there either.


I have considered the possibility that the names of the sons could be Anglicized versions of their names or names they adopted.  As I have found those names in birth and death records in Galicia, the names (not the spellings) may be accurate.  On Ancestry and Family Search, none of the records for anyone having the same name connects that person with either town. I do not know of any other town in Galicia or elsewhere with which to associate their names.


The published vital records on Gesher Galicia for Monasterzyska are sparse, mostly from the 20th Century, and otherwise do not go back far enough to be of value locating Abraham or his children. Searches of GG’s published records for Stanislawow have been unsuccessful.


Any suggestions or help researching this family would be much appreciated. Also, if anyone knows descendants of these Schwarzes/Schwartzes, I’d appreciate your help in contacting them.


Line 2.  The references to Moshe Schwarz in the family lore do not address whether he had siblings.  Given that families tended to be large, I thought it was possible Moshe had siblings.  My search of Monasterzyska metrical records in GG for the late 19th and early 20th Centuries has revealed a number of Schwarzes/Schwartzes in that town who are not known to be descendants of Peretz and Mordechai.  There are also a few Schwarzes in the Yiskor book for the town.  Monasterzyska had a Jewish population of 2450 in 1890.  This is a relatively small Jewish population. So it is possible that some, if not all, of these Schwarzes/Schwartzes are descendants of Moshe’s siblings.  I have not located on JRI-Poland any birth/death records for Schwarz (various spellings) associated with Monasterzyska going back to early or mid-19th Century.  To date, few metrical records for Monasterzyska have been located or published. 


Any thoughts about finding connections between these families would be appreciated. 


Harry Moatz

Potomac, MD


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