Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Karen Lukeman

I believe that more Israelis use MyHeritage for family trees. A couple of years ago, I was able to find a branch of cousins which was sister then visited them when she went to Israel. AND, last year, someone from Israel found me.... a descendant of my great-grandfather! I ended up learning that after my great-grandmother passed away young after having 4 children, my great-grandfather remarried and had many more children. So if you follow this, my grandmother had a lot of half-siblings that my cousins, my one surviving uncle and I never knew of. 

This year, I ended up getting a multi-year full contract with MyHeritage which reduced the "yearly" fee to make it worthwhile. Because of this, I started listening to several of the webinars via Facebook and other (Ask the Expert) so I am learning to take advantage of all that MyHeritage has to is a lot more than I originally thought. 

All the best in whatever path you choose. 
Karen Calmon Lukeman
KALMANOWITZ (Lyubcha and towns near Grodno, Vilna and Minsk)
GOLDSMITH (Bakshty and Ivje)
NASSER (Damascus)
BENBAJI (Damascus)
BALLAS (Damascus)

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