Re: Research individuals in France/MEYER #france

Barbara Stein


Thank you so much!  The Bas-rhin link has been incredibly helpful, although it has raised a number of questions. 

I have many more volumes to review but I found a marriage record for a Solomon Meyer and a Frederique Moog in 1821 but no evidence of a Frederika Moehler.  I found birth records for several children of Solomon and Frederique Moog, including (I think) my GGF, Leon in 1836, and his brother Simon in 1847, as well as a brother and sister I did not know existed. I also found a death record for Frederique in 1848.  Since Solomon arrived in the U.S. only with children and no spouse, I had presumed his wife died previously.  I think there must be many children who died young between 1821 and 1832 so I will keep looking.  

Again, my thanks for your help!

Barbara Stein

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