Re: Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia


Hi, I'm Veronica Zundel, my parents both came from Vienna to the UK in 1939 and got married in London, my mother was Jewish but my father wasn't. They met at medical school in Vienna. My mother's birth parents were refugees in the first World War from Drohobych (then in Poland, now in Ukraine), got separated on the journey, and my birth grandmother Etie Horoschowska arrived in Vienna with four children and no means of support, gave birth to my mother in Vienna and put the older children in the Jewish orphanage and my mother up for fostering. Actually my mother was lucky in this, since her birth mother died in the flu epidemic in 1919, and her birth father of stomach cancer in 1926. After two other foster families my mother was adopted by Julius and Elsa Steinschneider; Julius died of lung cancer in 1931, Elsa was deported in 194 along with her sister and brother in law to the Lodz ghetto and then probably to Chemno for extermination. We know they died in 1942.

I have a lot of information about my mother's adoptive family but am trying to trace possible descendants of her oldest birth brother Josef Jacob Horoschowski, who with one of his sisters (probably Chaje Sara) was trying to emigrate to what was then Palestine in 1927. It's possible I have a whole tribe of cousins in Israel. Wanting to do this alongside writing a memoir of my brother who died at his own hand in 1975, and incorporate the search in the memoir.

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