Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Julia Trainor

Yes MyHeritage has some great benefits!

MyHeritage hosts small trees free of charge, so it has family trees that are not on other sites.  I have found DNA matches on AncestryDNA but the trees are on MyHeritage.  MyHeritage can be a gold mine.   I recently found my (non-Jewish) great great grandmother on a MyHeritage tree.   She had left her family and gone to live with another man a long way away.   She used his name for the rest of her life, and her death was registered under that name.   The MyHeritage tree indexed her under her assumed name, her maiden name and her married name.   This indexing retrieves large numbers of trees, but I scanned hundreds of trees and she jumped out from the screen!   There is no other way I would have found her.

Another advantage of MyHeritage is its ownership of Legacy software, which I use on my own computer.   I get MyHeritage hints in Legacy, which is interesting and useful.

I like the fact that MyHeritage owns and I think I will transfer my tree to Geni when I am older, so that it will be freely available in the public domain and indexed by Google for any descendants to find their roots in the future.  

It is possible to adopt a strategic approach:  Subscribe to a site for a year and do some intensive research on that site.

Best wishes for your  research
Julia Trainor
Canberra, Australia
Searching Jewish ancestors from Austrian Czech Lands:  AUSPITZER, DEUTSCH, FESSLER, GLESINGER, GOTTLIEB, SCHMIDL, WEINGARTEN

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