Re: The Jews of Panevezys and Kupiskis, Lithuania. #lithuania

Max Heffler

The JewishGen Yizkor Book Translation Project,, has stores about these town. One book I coordinate, Lite (Lithuania),, has translated and untranslated chapters, Donations are welcome:


These are untranslated:


1.      Rabbi Isaac of Panevczhys

2.      The Kibutz of Panevezhys

3.      The Destruction of the Jews in the Ghetto of Shauliai and of the Adjacent Towns

The First Massacres – The Tanneries – The Jews Forced into the Ghetto – The “Aktionen” – Aerodrome – The Hospital – The Public School – The “Werkstuben” (Workhouses) – The Reduction of the Ghetto Area – The Turf-Decree – August 20, 1942 – The List of the 27 – The Winter-Camps – Working Places Outside of the Ghetto – The Abolishing of the Currency System – Camps of 1943 – The Gallows – Reopening of the School – - The “Kasernierung” (Transfer to Barracks) – Children “Aktion” – The Rescued Children – Change in the Ghetto Administration – Camp A. B. A. – Evacuation from the Camps – Evacuation from the Ghetto of Shauliai – Foreign Camps of Panevezhys and Jonishkis – Extermination of the Jews of Tytuvenai – The Perishing Jews of Telshiai and Adjacent Alsedzhiai, Vevirzhenai, Varnel, Zharenai, Tverai, Luoke, Navarenai, Plunge, Plateliai, Rietava – Why No Renstance? – Our Annihilation and the Lithuanian Attitude.


4.       To the History of the Destruction of the Lithuanian Jewry

Introductory – How the Jews Were Tortured to Death in Panevzhys – Atrocious Killings of the Jews in Mariampole – The Perishing of the Jews in Garleva, Pakonys, Veiveriai, Mavruchiai and Other Communities Near Kaunas – A Lithuanian Professor Repents.


These are translated:


1.      From Pumpenai to Kaunas


Pumpenai – Pasvalys – Panevezhys – Keidan [Kedainiai] – In Janova [Jonuva] – in Shirvint [Shirvintai] – In Tavrig [Taurage] – In Kovno (Kaunas).


2.      The Jewish Panevezhys

Social Activities – The Old Mode of Living – The Rabbi of Panevezhys – Maskilim and Revolutionaries – Deputy of the Duma (Parliament of Russia).


3.      Panevezhys in 1906

4.      The Jewish Common Folk of Panevezhys

5.      Panevezhys After the First World War

6.      A Visit to Panevezhys in 1938

7.      Through Lithuania (Cities and Towns)

Mariampole – Vilkavishkis by Berl London – Telshai – Raseiniai by N. Ben-Chaim – Utena – Jonuva by Peisach Janever – Taurage – Birzhai by I. R. – Kedainiai by Ben-Alexander – Mazheikiai by Josephus – Rokishkis by Yudel Gapanovitch – Plunge by N. Rill – Jurbarkas – Lazdijai by I Dan – Anykshchiai – Zarasai – Kupishkis – Prienai – Zhagare – Kudirkos-Naumiestis by Z. Tumpovsky – Pandelis – Seredzhius by G-n – Seta – Balbierishkis – Chekishkis by R. K. – Gelvonai – Pushalotas – Veliuona – Shiaulenai by Ben-Daniel – Onushkis by L. B. E. – Rudamynas by Daniel Riback – Kuliai – Taujenai by A. Walt.



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Does anyone know what happened to the majority of the Jews in these towns during WWll?


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