Re: Ancestry Faces $250 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Auto-Renewals

Elise Cundiff

I've done the free trial at Ancestry, and also MyHeritage, and various streaming services.  I've never felt that it wasn't made clear that at the end of the free trial, I would be charged for a continuing autorenewal at a specified price.    The statement is usually on more than one page, also.    
I can see that someone who just clicks the buttons without reading the other information on the page (and yes, it is in smaller print, in my opinion that is intentional to snare those who just glance at the page) would miss the information.   But it is clearly there, in my experience and as I recall..  
I've also once or twice forgotten to cancel a full membership at the end of the term, and was auto-renewed.  But, Ancestry has always agreed on request to cancel and refund the charge.   MyHeritage refused to refund.   

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