Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general

Judi Wagner


I have just found another Eliane HIRSCHFELD, that arrived in the same year, 1940, but in August instead of April.  She came with her family, father Oscar, born Frastal ? Hungary, mother, Blanchette, born Lausanne Switzerland, Eliane, 14 years, born Strassburg France and Gerard, 11, also born Strassburg France.  Wasn't someone else looking for the name HIRSCHFELD, and with the town Strassburg?  They were coming from Mr Ern. Brunswig in Bordeaux,  France and going to Mr Henry Levi in Brooklyn.  Pencilled in is the  wording: nephew Irving Rechtsintzer ( not sure of spelling). Maybe there is some connection, and the girls are both named after the same relative.

Now, how would I know which Eliane the naturalization papers would refer to?  Is Southern District Court, Manhattan? Brooklyn?
Would it be possible to find the naturalization online, not just the index?  Then it should list the rest of the family info. 

now that we are not getting a hurricane, and we worked all day yesterday to bring in our patio and outdoor furniture, sculpture, mobile, bird bath and bird feeders, etc, we can relax and work on genealogy :-)


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