Re: Russia census 1897 #records #russia


I have two questions re the Russian Census 1897. 
1.  Unless someone tells me otherwise, can I assume that the Russian census 1897 includes that part of Poland known variously as 'The Kingdom of Poland', 'Russian Poland' and 'Congress of Poland' which was part of the 19th century Tsarist Russian Empire until 1918?
2.  If the answer is affirmative ie that Russian Poland/Congress Poland was part of the Russian Empire, where is the Census held and how do I access it?
My interest is in the town of Warka (Yiddish Vurke, Russian Варка). about 25 miles south east of Warsaw and I believe was part of the Warsaw administrative area.  
In anticipation of information, thank you.
Malka Flekier, London, UK
PS: I can read cyrillic.

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