Experience with Romanian records #romania #records

Alicia Weiss


When doing a JewishGen search for my great-grandfather from Szecseny, Nograd megye, Hungary, I recently found a record of possible interest in the Hungarian Births.  The individual is listed as having been born in Szecseny, but registered in Arad (now in  Romania).  The record repository is Romanian National Archives and record set Synagogue Reg. 1.  
Can some kind soul experienced with Romanian records please advise if it is possible to view this record set online and if not, the best way to access it?

Many thanks

Alicia Weiss
Researching: WEISS/WEISZ Szecseny, Hungary; KUNDLER, Kaposmero/Kisvarda/Gyongyos/Budapest, Hungary; POLLAK, Kaposmero/Csurgo, Hungary;PRESSMAN/PRESEISEN, Kiev, Ukraine; GOLDFELD, Russia; Dufine/Dufan/Dufayn, Orgeev Moldova/ Tuchin Ukraine; MAUTHNER/MAUTNER, Szecseny, Hungary, HEMPEL/HAMPEL, Poland.

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