Re: Thank you & seeking help with French research #france

David Choukroun

Dear Miriam, 

Thanks for your kind words

About 1/ After 1969, you need to write to the Service central des cimetières, 71 rue des Rondeaux, 75020 PARIS  a letter (sorry in French I am afraid) asking them to locate the place (within 20 possible cemeteries)
The response time is about 1 month. I did it several times, it works.   I can help to push the request, just send me in private the name ( Raphael Jacob BULWAR, d. 11 January 1988), and all possible information.  They are sometimes asking a proof that the request is coming from the I would need also to mention your link into the letter. Relative = Cousin ?   

About 2/ again follow Bernard Flam's guideline :)
For all the periods, you need to find the decree number as first step.
Most of them are on line , except the 1931 à 1948 period, for which a specific process applies
For this one, we need to ask the French National Archives to find the decree number for us (to my knowledge) 
I did a quick search, and I am afraid you fall into this 1931-1948 period.  To be verified

 About 3/ I am sorry, I do not have a filae registration. I hope somebody else will check for you
I had a quick look to the Insee files without success (but they are only valid for Post 1970 deaths)

Hope that helps, 




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