Avigdor family of Mexico City #latinamerica

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the children of R. Dr. Jacob Avigdor, ABD
Drohobycz and Boryslaw (from 1920), Chief Rabbi of Mexico, born in
Tyrawa WoĊ‚oska in 1896 and died in Mexico City in April 1967, some who
have since left Mexico. The children are - Dr. Abraham Issachar Ber
Avigdor, a dentist born in 1929 and died in Mexico City, married
Sheindel having three children, Rochel, married and divorced, Dr.
Neftali Zvi Avigdor, a pediatrician, lived in Mexico City and then in
Forest Hills, NY and Yisroel Avigdor, living in Mexico City.

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