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Dear Researchers,

Yefim Kogan and I are excited to share that Bessarabia Research Division (formerly Bessarabia SIG) has been working on obtaining metrical records for some of the Bessarabian towns. So far, we received birth, marriage and death records for Beltsi, Bendery and nearby shtetls: Romanovka, Kaushany, Komrat, etc. and Kishinev for a period of 1905 through 1919. As we are kicking off a series of translation projects for these records, we are looking for volunteers - translators from Russian to English and from Yiddish/Hebrew to English.

A volunteer translator will need to be able to read Russian script, translate to English and enter translated data into an excel spreadsheet. Advance English language knowledge is not required, but ability to read Russian script and transliterate it, is important. We’ll give an option to choose the records for the town that the translators are interested in. Each town will have a project leader who will be managing the project, providing instructions including transliteration rules, answering questions, and checking on the progress on a monthly basis.

If you’d like to volunteer, please email me at admin@....  Please include your skill set, availability, and town of interest in the email.
If you’d like to support this or any other project, please donate to Bessarabia Research Division - General Fund Thank you!

Inna Vayner, Yefim Kogan


Bessarabia Research Division

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