Yehuda Berman

In 1925 my 21 year-old mother, Zelda (Zena) ECHTMAN, came from Odessa
(then Russia, now Ukraine) to her brother in Detroit (who spelled his
name ACHTMAN). She then worked for a year in New York, while living
with the family of an uncle named KAMINSKY, before returning to
Detroit. Kaminsky was her mother's maiden name. My mother lost touch
with the Kaminsky uncle(s?) in New York and I don't know their names
or where they lived in NYC. My mother tried searching for her cousins
when on a visit to New York some 40 years on. She found three pages of
Kaminskys in the Manhattan phone book alone and gave up.
There was also a Kaminsky uncle in Detroit but I never knew his first
name - he was always Uncle Kaminsky (it was a family joke - he was
born at the same time as his nephew, my mother's oldest brother). The
name Kaminsky itself is very common.
My mother's father's name, Echtman, is an unusual name in Russia,
according to Yad VaShem records but apparently more common in Poland.
Years ago I hired someone in Russia to find records. She found my
grandfather's death certificate, confirming what I had already heard
about when and how he died, plus that of someone else named Echtman
that I never heard of. She found no other records.
Basically I've run into brick walls in every direction.
Is there anyone else on JewishGen with a connection to these names and places?
Thank you,
Yehuda Berman
Efrat, Israel
Yehuda Berman

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