Viewmate Translation / Interpretation Request - Russian / Hebrew #translation


Dear All,

I've posted the following two records on ViewMate :-

1. Marriage Record at address
2. Transcription from Latvia Marriages and Divorces Database at address

The transcription [2] records the 1866 marriage of my great-grandparents Yosif WAGENHEIM (shown in the transcript as "?...GENHEIN") and Sheina GITLESOHN, and points to the source record [1].  The source record [1] shows two marriages, of which 'mine' is the upper one, but is quite an indistinct image.  Can anyone supply me with an English translation of this source record, including the printed column headings?  Ideally I'm seeking someone with good eyesight (or clever software!) to interpret the Russian on the left, or even the Hebrew on the right, for me.  I would love to understand how elements of the transcription map on to the elements of the source record - for example I can just about make out the name Lerenblat, the officiating Rabbi, split across two lines in the fourth column, but cannot clearly see my ancestor's names in the later columns.

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Many thanks for your help!

Philip Tepper, Manchester UK.


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