Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Lee Jaffe

I think that each site offers different strengths and weaknesses and, if you are have to choose between the two, you will be making a compromise.

First, let me point out that all of these sites have two basic functions which overlap some.  One is tree maintenance, recording your family finds and the information about its members.  Some have better tools than others.  For instance, Ancestry won't let you upload video and audio recordings.  But My Heritage has very nice tools  for identifying people in photos.  

The second major function is research resources.  Most of the comments so far have referred to what resources are available from the different services.

There is a third component, which is a hybrid of the other two, the services where they trawl their databases to find matches or hints.  Some people find these helpful but many consider them distracting.

I started with a MyHeritage account and grew frustrated with all the "come ons" to up my membership status, only to discover they apply only tree by tree, rather than across my membership.  I'd get match notices that I wasn't allowed to see.  My original reason for joining was tied to another tree. When that became dormant, I jumped to Ancestry because of their better terms.  But I do miss some of MyHeritage's tree management tools.

Geni seems to be a completely different animal and I'm not sure what I think of that yet.

Lee Jaffe

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