Re: Housing Family Trees for FREE #general

Jeff at SG

Besides the religious aspects, there are other problematic aspects. One of them is simple implied misinformation. I remember looking up some prominent Jewish individuals and to my surprise retrieved their 'baptismal dates'. To me at the time (and to unsophisticated future researchers 100 years from now) the logical assumption was that they must have converted! I'm sure there is some clarification somewhere and experts know better but to the casual observer, the logical conclusion is that the person had converted and did not die a Jew. Definitely misinformation. 

I know the LDS has changed its policies about such baptisms as a result of the resulting angry outcry. They can just as easily change it again. But the recorded date of 'baptism' remains forever in the records. 

In my opinion it is insulting and a form of identity theft. These involuntary baptisms need to all be expunged from the records.

Jeff Malka
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