Viewmate - US Naturalization Index care - what info on it? #records

Michele Lock

I found the following naturalization index card for my grandfather on

What do the different numbers mean? There is a number in the 7015983 in the upper right corner, then a petition number of 195616 in the lower left, then an alien registration number also in the lower left. There is also a date in which 'the certificate was issued' of 4/8/1952.

Which, if any, of these numbers can I use to request his naturalization papers from the Genealogy service in the US Citizen and Immigration Services in DHS? Will I still need to have this Genealogy service do an Index search first? I often read on this discussion board that a person has the 'C' number or certificate number; is that any of the numbers on this index card?

It also looks like my grandfather Philip Leapman originally filed under his Yiddish nickname and surname Paska Leibman, then requested this name change in 1952. I don't know when he made the original petition/declaration.

And finally - this naturalization took place in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Has anyone had any luck finding the actual naturalization declarations/petitions online, for this district? On, they only go up to 1930.

Thanks for any input you may all have.

Michele Lock
Alexandria, Va

Searching for Lock/Lak/Lack from Zagare/Joniskis, Lithuania
Olitsky from Alytus, Suwalki, Lithuania
Leapman/Lipman/Leibman from Dotnuva, Lithuania
Lavine from Trenton, New Jersey, originally from Minsk Gubernia.

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