Re: Viewmate - US Naturalization Index care - what info on it? #records

David Oseas


7015983 is your grandfather's citizenship certificate number, which was issued 4/8/1952.  You can skip the initial index search and go straight to a request (for a fee) for his "C File" from USCIS ( ) by asking for C-7015983.

195616 is his Petition for Naturalization and was filed in US District Ct @ Philadelphia prior to the issuance of his certificate, so early 1952 or late 1951.

Based on the date, I don't think that his naturalization papers are available from any source other than USCIS.

All non-citizens were required to register and were issued an A-Number starting in 1940 as part of the Alien Registration Program (  For many individuals, these became A-Files, which can also be requested (for a fee) through USCIS.

David Oseas

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