New Holocaust Database Set - Polish Jews Found in Hungary (April 18th 1946) #holocaust #poland #hungary #JewishGenUpdates

Nolan Altman

JewishGen is pleased to announce that a new data set has been added to Holocaust Database (

This is a small collection, put together by the World Jewish Congress, with 639 names of Polish Jews found in Hungary immediately after the end of the war.  Some of them had fled from Poland to Hungary to escape deportations to death camps in Poland.  In other cases, there is no explanation as to how/why they ended up in Hungary.  Since most of these survivors entered the postwar displaced persons system, using USHMM and Bad Arolsen databases, in many cases it is possible to establish their final destination


The material consists of surname and given name, year and place of birth and residence in 1939.  An unusual addition to this list is the mother’s given and maiden name.


This list of Polish Jews in Hungary was produced by the World Jewish Congress April 18, 1946.  It is one list in an extensive collection ( of lists of liberated persons held at the International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen, Germany.  The list was created by Carol Oliver, as JewishGen volunteer.  To learn more about this data set, please see

You can search these records, along with all of JewishGen’s records from the Unified Search page at Alternatively, to search the Holocaust Database specifically, please start at  You will also find a listing of all the component databases below the search grid.  By entering search terms in the grid, you will search all component databases at once.

Nolan Altman

Holocaust Database Coordinator

August 2020

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