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David Lewin

At 02:07 03/08/2020, EdrieAnne Broughton wrote:
Actually we all, Jews and non-Jews alike, have a great deal to thank
the LDS church for. Without their obsession with record keeping
lots of the records Americans and world citizens depend on today for
genealogy would have been lost when counties decided to save space
and chuck records back in the 1920s-1970s. It wasn't that long ago
that I heard stories of people dumpster diving to preserve records.
EdrieAnne Broughton
Vacavillle, California
How right!!!

Not only did the Mormon Church spend its money freely to preserve our
heritage, but they made it freely available to us.

Members of the Church actually have a deeper access to records that
the general public does. So befriending one of them can greatly
enhance your genealogical reseach.

I have never understood why some people feel such animosity towards
the LDS Church. The Church's beliefs and practices are entirely
theirs. They do not force anybody to convert while still alive. Of
course they want us to convert. What human organisation does nor
want that? If they hope that my soul will join them after I have
died - let them!! They case me no harm, and they allow me to
benefit enormously!

David Lewin

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