Re: Birth Record from Kishinev YOSEF Meylman #bessarabia #romania

Alan Shuchat


This record from Ancestry points to a digitized microfilm that is available on FamilySearch. 2085799/2 means item 2 on film 2085799. In this case, M39 means male birth #39. Here's how to find it.

Go to, choose Search and then Catalog and then Film Number. Enter 2085799. Choose Metrical books 1829-1915, from the Jewish congregation in Kishinev. You'll then see a list of films, and 2085799 Item 2 corresponds to births in 1859. Click on the camera icon. You'll see 1006 images. The black images mark the beginning and end of each item. Scroll down until you see the black image for item 2 (frame 380).  Click to enlarge the image and advance through the frames until you find male birth #39 (frame 405). The first two columns on the left of each page are the birth numbers, first female and then male. The record is in both Russian and Hebrew. It's faint, but you can adjust the brightness and contrast using the tools in the upper right of the film window. I downloaded the frame and am attaching it.
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

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