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rv Kaplan

Think it's just coincidence that there are 2 areas in Europe with similar names.  Galicia was Austrian Poland  in the past and the name would come from German, probably.  In Yiddish, our ancestors would have been Galitzianers.

Harvey Kaplan
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On Tue, 4 Aug 2020 at 14:46, Alan Tapper via <> wrote:
Question to al,

I am very much aware of the differences between Litvaks and Galitzianas but my question really questions where and how did the term Galitziana come from?  I ask this because about 18 years ago I was touring In Northern Portugal and we decided to cross the border into Spain.  My wife at that tome spoke fluent Castllian Spanish.  The Provence in Spain just to the north of Portugal is called Galicia.  I wonder if many years ago it was the Sephardim who were referred to as Gslitianas because of the Provence.  By the way the people of Galicia have their own dialect as they do not speak Castilian Spanish either.  They had to bring a translator over who spoke Spanish as we know it so that we could order at a restaurant
Alan Tapper

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