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Al Lederer

The documentation of the Baiersdorf Jewish Cemetery has been completed and is now available for public viewing. The over 600 year old burial ground is located in Middle Franconia, Bavaria in the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt. It once served Baiersdorf, Bruck, Büchenbach, Dormitz, Erlangen, Forchheim, Kunreuth, Wiesenthau, and other towns in the district.


The 1,278 gravestones are searchable by the name of the interred and can also be browsed by stone number from 0001 through 1278. The documentation includes German inscriptions, Hebrew inscriptions and their German translations, and photographs of the gravestones.


Appreciation to Baiersdorf Mayor Andreas Galster, City Council, and Press and Cultural Affairs Director Daniela Pietsch for their support of the project; Horst Gemeinhardt, city historian who led the effort; University of Bamberg Professors Suzanne Talabardon and Rainer Drewello and students who mapped the gravestones, photographed them, and recorded their German inscriptions; Detlef Mueller who transcribed and translated the Hebrew inscriptions, and created the database; and to others who contributed financially to the effort.


The documentation is available at

Al Lederer


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