Vital Records for Mariyampil in the Ivano-Frankivsk District from 1857 to 1920 #galicia #records

Sharon Taylor

Thank you Mark,
At one of the JGASGP meetings, the speaker, Joel Spector provided a link to a spreadsheet showing the number of times various surnames appear in the Alex Krovsky scanned documents from the Stanislawow area. I downloaded the spreadsheet and my names of interest appear on it. Are you familiar with this collection? Is there any way to tell if any documents are from Mariyampil?

Sharon Taylor
Philadelphia, PA

Researching NEMETH, INGIER and BLOCH in Mariyampil, Stanislawow, and Knihinin
Researching WIESNER, FLEISIG, and KASTENBAUM in Kulikow and Lemberg

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