Online trees #general

Max Heffler

I have had my trees online for about 13 years with no negative consequences. Quite the opposite. It has allowed me to meet in-person with cousins I hadn’t even known about. Collaborating on geni, Ancestry & MyHeritage since 2008, becoming a geni curator, my many volunteer projects I have done and am doing for JewishGen, as well as DNA testing at 23andMe, FTDNA and Ancestry and managing 35+ others’ DNA profiles, have provided me a rich family I would not have otherwise known. Attending the annual IAJGS conference is a family reunion for me.

Max Heffler


Web sites I manage - Personal home page, Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society, Woodside Civic Club, Skala, Ukraine KehilalLink, Joniskelis, Lithuania KehilaLink, and pet volunteer project - Yizkor book project:

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