Austria will Allow Descendants of Holocaust Victims to Receive Citizenship Beginning September 1st #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen




I previously posted about the Austrian Parliament enacting on 19 September 2019 an amendment to the Austrian Nationality Act extending citizenship to descendants of victims of the Nazis. The law becomes effective September 1, 2020.


An announcement is from the Austrian Embassy in Israel. Before an amendment to Austria’s citizenship law ratified last September, only survivors were entitled to receive citizenship, and then only if they left Austria due to Nazi persecution before May 1945.  The application process will be free.


The amendment is “in line with Austria’s ongoing endeavor for reconciliation with all those who suffered under the totalitarian Nazi-regime in Austria,” Austria’s government website states (


Eligibility is for all direct descendants of victims of Nazi-persecution in Austria who will be eligible to claim Austrian citizenship, while keeping their present nationality. Austria also widely extended the definition of victim of Nazi-persecution so that now more persons fall within the ambit of this provision. The Austrian ancestor had to be subject to persecution by associations of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) or other authorities of the so-called “Third Reich” or had reason to fear such persecution.


A new deadline has been set as to the date of departure of the victims of Nazi-persecution from Austria: all victims will be eligible, if they left Austria before 15 May 1955. Before the date was set at 9 May 1945.


It is not necessary that the ancestor reclaimed and regained Austrian citizenship nor that all descendants of this person apply. Every descendant is eligible without reference to any other claimant or citizen.


The process can be initiated at your Austrian Embassy or Consulate General of residence abroad or directly at the competent Austrian provincial authority (“Landesregierung”).


Normally Austrians lose their Austrian citizenship when they apply for citizenship in another country.

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