Re: Photo Vienna Jewish Cemetery Gate 4 #austria-czech #photographs



If Heinrich Neumann died at 27 in Vienna in 1941 was he hidden and got caught by the SA? was it a crime if he was not deported. What happened?
The data I attach for you show that he died on the 20th May 1941 in the  Israelitisches Kultusgemeinde hospital know as
the Rotschild Hospital located in Vienna's 18th district at the Währinger Gürtel. It was desroyed after the war.

My great great grand parents died there too in 1909 and 1910 as they had the pandemic Spanish flew.

My father is also buried at TOR 4 and I will go there on November 1st to see him. I will look around for the grave if I don't forget when I am there.

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