Re: Burial Society Washington Cemetery - Bnai Menasse or Menasche #usa

Alan Reische

Thanks Moishe. I've used the db, do come up with linkage of Nachlas Zwei to Mt. Hebron and Mt. Judah, with no further detail. Nothing comes up there either for Menasse or Menasche. I do come up with the following from JGSNY-defunct synagogues list. It is derived from a WPA project in 1939, listing houses of worship in Manhattan. I have not yet tried to access any background data JGSNY may have, the original is somewhere in the NYC archives and I am quite a distance from NYC. Is this meaningful to any Genners?

W-34 842 1895 Chevra Nachlath Zwi Linath Hazedek Bnai Menashe Chevra Nachles Zwi Linath Hazedek Bnai Menasheh (Congregation Nachlas Zwie Anshe Ungarn) (Society, Inheritance of Zwi, Visitors of the Sick, Sons of Menashe
  842A 1897-1913 Chevra Linath Hazedek Bnai Menashe Society, Visitors of the Sick, Sons of Menashe

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