Re: Burial Society Washington Cemetery - Bnai Menasse or Menasche #usa

Alan Reische

Hi Sherry - you could be correct, viz. the lack of connection to a specific township in the records. Unfortunately, the current principal at Sinai Chapels doesn't have any history on the congregation, if that's what it was. The one hint I have on one of the headstones is a reference to Przesclaw, but there's nothing in the databanks that adds to that. I've never known of any Hungarian connection, all references are to Galicia or Austria. I can check the cemeteries where other branches are buried to see if there are any clues there.

On other records - I've been through everything I can identify, from census records and city directories down to draft registration cards, and nothing so far. They were pretty good at covering up their traces. Apparently, there was a lengthy questionnaire that was completed in connection with the WPA study. If/when I can get to those - not accessible on line - I may learn more.


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