Re: Lipshitz family from Skokie-Chicago #usa

Chicago Bubby

I can help you with that. Dr. Abraham Lipshitz' daughters both live in Israel. Their names are Anne Silverstein and Rose Nathan. Anne lived in Chicago until a number of years ago. Charles' daughter Deborah also lives in Israel, but his son, Leon lives in Chicago and I know him well. I'd be happy to provide you with his contact information. I don't want to put it in a public post, but if you email me at cmeyssub@... I can give you Leon's information. If you need it, I should be able to obtain contact information for Anne as well (I'd need to make a phone call or two; let me know).

There is another Lipshitz family here related to the above. Sam Lipshitz lives in Skokie. I believe that his father was cousin to Abraham & Charles (sorry, I don't remember his first name; maybe Henry, but I'm not sure). I have his contact information too if it helps.

Cyndee Meystel
Chicago, IL

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