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rv Kaplan

Has anyone had any luck with this facility on My Heritage?  MH says:
Family Theories of Relativity will be generated between you and a match based off of common information in your family trees. The more information you add to your tree, whether it be manually added or confirming accurate matches, can trigger future theories.  
I have over 14,000 DNA matches on MH, and over 2,200 people on my family trees, but not a single match has ever activated the Theory of Family Relativity.
I asked MH Support about this and they said:
'As there are no theories there at this time, it simply means none have been generated based off of the information currently in your tree and the trees of your DNA matches. The information in your tree is the only information at your disposal to add to or edit that can trigger a theory.
This is why I would recommend continuing to build on your tree in any way possible, as any piece of information can trigger a theory. Note that it would also be imperative for your DNA matches to be working on their own trees for theories to be generated.
For some more information on the feature itself, theories always begin in your tree and end in the family tree of your DNA Match. The traversal of the path may include other family trees on MyHeritage, Geni, FamilySearch or historical records on the tree.'
Doesn't make much sense to me.  14,000 people out there matching my dna and not even my 2 closest dna matches, who I know are my 2nd cousin once removed and my 3rd cousin, attract the Theory.  
Am I missing something?
Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland


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