Re: Census question #bessarabia #records

Yefim Kogan

Yoram,   everybody,

please use information at our bessarabia website, Kishinev kehilalink website, JewishGen.

For these questions, here are the answers:

1.  See the lists of all Revision Lists (Census) for ALL towns at
and go to the section   
Current Database Contents
A complete inventory can be accessed by clicking here.        Click on this link and you will get all TOWNs we have Revision and other lists for.

2.  See at Kishinev KehilaLink website:
There are also several articles/stories about Kishinev pogrom, you can find at the Bessarabia website...  Remember, you can SEARCH the website, but any word, and get information needed.  On the right upper corner there is a Search mechanism... enter Pogrom and search the Bessarabia website...

Please explore our resources, and you find them useful.
All the best,
Yefim Kogan

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