Re: My Heritage - Theory of Family Relativity #general


I just got my 1st Theory of Relativity, among 4 kits I administer, on my 2nd cousin's non-Jewish German line.
And it seems plausible; awaiting replies from owners of other 2 trees involved.

My 2nd cousin's tree brick walled with his GGF's parents info, no siblings. The Theory found a tree owned by someone in Germany, with same parents info with a sibling, went down a generation or 2, then connected with a tree owned by someone in USA who is directly related to spouse but continued the line I was following to the (private) father of the DNA match, where it connected to extremely small & private tree of DNA match.  

Perhaps the difference in number of results between Ancestry Thrulines & MyHeritage Theory of Relativity is driven by database sizes of 18M for Ancestry & 4M for MyHeritage? 

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