JRI-Poland... 2015 wrap up to a great year #galicia

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

Thanks to our many volunteers and supporters, 2015 has been another
milestone year for Jewish Records indexing - Poland. Let me start by
expressing my gratitude -- and that of the entire JRI-Poland board --
to all of you.

At the IAJGS conference in July in Jerusalem, the JRI-Poland Phase 3
initiative was formally introduced. Under the long-range Phase 3 initiative,
entries in the JRI-Poland database will now include extracts of all
genealogical-related information. This applies to new data as well as
updating of the basic indices that are currently online.

In recent posts, JRI-Poland Archive Coordinators and Town Leaders have
announced newly indexed and extracted records, updated and expanded
index files for many towns, and the linking of JRI-Poland search results to
digital images on the Polish State Archives "National Digital Archive"
website. The largest percentage of linked records are those >from former
Galician towns in the AGAD archives.

Some unusual data was added to or made searchable through the
JRI-Poland database. This includes the 17,000 entry Breslau (now Wroclaw)
address list with dates of birth and the surviving Grodno Gubernia 1897
census. Links to approximately 130,000 Lodz 1916-1921 Registration
Card folders now appear when searching for Lodz records.

In addition to these new additional records that are now searchable in the
JRI-Poland database, professionals and volunteers have data entered a few
hundred thousand additional records that are not yet searchable online.
These include many record entries for former Galician towns in the AGAD
archives. These entries will be searchable online when the cost of their
data entry is fully covered.

As the JRI-Poland database includes data for more than 600 towns, it is
impossible to provide a list of updated activity for all towns. Researchers
interested in the latest status for their town(s) are invited to write to

In June, an ultra-fast search system was introduced with new features and
options, many of which are exclusive to JRI-Poland. (While JRI-Poland
indices are displayed on and form the major component of the JewishGen
All-Poland Database, the additional features for searching are only
available as a standard option when you use the JRI-Poland search page.
So, bookmark the JRI-Poland search page the next time you use it.

There is a new component to our search results of records >from the former
Congress Poland. Indices to several million records were originally data
entered in Cyrillic and transliterated to Polish spelling according to a
protocol established with the Polish State Archives (>from 1868 to 1914
records in Poland were written in Russian). Where Cyrillic text is in our
data files, updates to those files will now include both the original Cyrillic
as well as the transliteration to the Polish spelling

As we close out 2015, JRI-Poland invites your support for the work on
your town. Please remember that JRI-Poland is an independent
organization with its own administration and fundraising and that
donations to JewishGen do not cover the cost of indexing records >from

Best wishes to all for 2016. May it be a year of health, success and
more discoveries. And thanks again to those of you whose involvement
and support has made JRI-Poland grow.

Stanley Diamond
For the Board of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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