Seeking any and all information on Max Koenig and Hannah (Morgenstern)Koenig #usa


Hi All
I am trying to track down information on my Koenig ancestry from Austria. Not sure where in Austria they were from. My ancestor Max Koenig immigrated in 1902. Not sure if he arrived with his whole family or if they came separately. I do know that in 1910 census he is living in New York with his second wife Hannah/Anna Morgenstern and several children. Sometime after 1910 he moved to Bridgeport Connecticut and stayed there at least until 1921-22, then he went back to New York. That's where I lose them. I can't find them on any 1930 census. I believe I may have found them on a 1940 census in the Bronx with his two younger children William and Fannie/Florence. Then again I lose them. I am seeking death dates and possible obits. His children are buried in different parts, Nathan and Samuel are both buried in Connecticut.

Sarah Greenberg(USA)

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