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Ralph Baer

Al Lederer recently posted the link to the long-awaited Baiersdorf, Bavaria cemetery documentation. This cemetery contains the graves of a number of my ancestors and many other family members on at least four branches of my tree from Baiersdorf and Forchheim. One grave is for Sissel AUB, son of Me’ir. He was apparently a brother of my ancestor Abraham Meyer AUB and a half-brother of my ancestor Simon Meyer AUB, both also buried there.
This is the link to Sissel AUB’s stone . According to the documentation, he died on March 18, 1814. There was a census of the Jewish community of Baiersdorf in 1796. There is no Sissel AUB listed. However there were two men living with Abraham Meyer AUB who were designated as relatives or servants, Männlein (born about 1746) and Eißig (born about 1748).
My question is, could either the name Männlein or Eißig (Isaac) correspond to Sissel?
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