Seeking Lasutra family #general #photographs


It is a very rare surname so everybody must be related. I've copied everything that can be found on the USHMM and Ancestry web site. For some reason, the name does not show in SSDI, perhaps it has changed. Israeli sources still have to be checked.

My mother's aunt told me, some 30 years ago, that Lasutras emigrated to America. Just yesterday, a different version was presented by her daughter who remembers packages "from Palestine". Maybe, the Lasutras emigrated to both places. Mother's relatives stopped corresponding in the late 40's-early 50's. A man from their shtetl, remembered now only by his first name, Falik, was put on trial and sentenced to hard labor for corresponding with relatives abroad. My mother's uncle got scared to death and tore up all letters, envelopes, pictures, etc. so the contact was lost. They all lived in a small town of Pulin (also known as Chervonoarmejsk), but the story was repeated many times throughout the land of victorious socialism. Another example that comes to mind is my parents' neighbor in Zhitomir by the name of Meyerovich who was sentenced to hard labor for listening to the Voice of America, also ca. 1950.

A side project: if you are interested in Pulin, I organized photography of all remaining tombstones at the Pulin cemetery. The project is currently underway.

So, has anybody crossed paths with a Lasutra or heard this name?

Thank you!



Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

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