Re: Otto WEISZ, Vienna


Hi Harvey

On familysearch I found the marriage record of Moritz Weisz and Beatrice Alice Goldstein.
I also found the marriage record of Rosalia Weisz and Ernest Kreisler.

But I didnt' find the marriage record of Rosalia Weisz with a man named Schmoll.
I also didnt' find the marriage record of David Weisz and Rosa Fener or Feuer.
I also didnt' find the marriage record of Charlotte Weisz and Dr. Ernest Karman.

But on familysearch I found two passenger manifests for this Dr. Ernest Karman.
One on the steamship Orduna, November/December 1921 and another on the steamship Olympic, February 1924.

By the way in 1912 Dr. Ernest Karman and his wife Charlotte were in Karlsbad at the same time as the famous composer Giacomo Puccini!

Corinne Iten

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