Re: Seeking any and all information on Max Koenig and Hannah (Morgenstern)Koenig #usa


Hi Sarah. Ann Dee Lee here. I think we've talked before but I thought I'd reconnect. My great grandfather was Max Koenig. I have one record on Ancestry that says he was from Krasne, Austria. My grandfather Sam for some unknown reason, changed his last name to Miller and moved to South Dakota. He died in South Dakota and was buried there. All of the rest of the Koenig's stayed in Bridgeport to my knowledge. My family took a trip to Bridgeport when I was little and met a zillion new relatives. I remember one cousin/uncle who was a boxer, one of Nathan's kids. So, long story short, I am confused about who is who. I wish I could help but there's no one to ask. My grandmother (Elizabeth) and mother (Ethel) are both gone. I don't know if the record on Ancestry is the right Max, but it appears he died in 1942, about six months before Nathan died. Feel free to contact me.

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