Re: Data Breach at GEDmatch has Concerns Over Privacy #dna #announcements


In response primarily to some of the points raised by Bob Silverstein above:

1. The difference between a privately-held entity and public one is that the private entity ONLY exists to make money, there is no other goal. Whatever they are selling is a means to this one end. A public entity also wants/needs to make money, but at least in theory there is some goal of serving the public. It may be honored in the breach but at least it exists.
3. The laws re insurance companies not using genetic information are only as strong as our wilingness to enforce the law on huge corporations, which in the USA in 2020 is shall we say limited.
4-6. I don't know how this info could be used nefariously, but that doesn't mean some clever crook somewhere will not find a way. I believe a healthy level of paranoia is warranted in this unknown territory.

Robert Roth

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