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Nancy Holden

A reminder that the second half of 2020 brings a variety of JewishGen classes to meet the research challenges for those who are new, those that want to renew skills and those who have reached brick walls or want to publish their research.


Skilled teachers offer interactive genealogy courses, featuring a personal mentoring program tailored to your research projects. JewishGen Education classes are offered in a private online FORUM open 24/7.  Students post an ancestral branch, set goals for their research, and work one on one with the instructor. 


Advanced Research in Belarus: The course explores records on JewishGen SIGs for shtetls and towns within the modern boundaries of Belarus. This includes parts of the former Lithuania, parts of Latvia and parts of Poland.  This course open for enrollment (scheduled Aug 23).


Using JewishGen to Research Ancestral Roots begins with an Introduction to Jewish History, Culture and Naming Patterns, moves into Finding your Shtetl, examines and explores the JewishGen Researcher and Country Databases, Jewish Records Indexing (JRI-P), and includes practical hints on translation, finding a researcher and other advanced topics. This course creates a bridge between the American Family data and those left behind in Europe, between records available on JewishGen and related sites and hiring a researcher (scheduled for winter 2020).


Independent Study.  This class offers students a chance to work on any genealogical project within the expertise  and with the agreement of the instructor. The course may include United States research or the country of immigrant origin for one branch, one surname studies,  or holocaust information searches. In order to qualify for this class and to ensure you can make progress, we ask that you submit an application. Details are on the Education Page (scheduled for October 2020).


East Prussia and the Baltic States with an emphasis on Kaunas, Latvia and Kaliningrad this class traces the migration patterns of Jews who moved from the Hamburg, Konigsberg area into Kaunas and Courland (scheduled for November 2020).


There are also many VAS classes offered “free” with a contribution in the past 12 months to the JewishGen General Fund. We also offer Home Study Classes at a minimal fee which are self-paced downloadable lessons.


Take a look at our fall schedule


For each course students should have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, search online and interact with the instructor. Courses are open 24/7 to meet the needs of international students. Courses will open for enrollment 2 weeks before the starting date. Tuition is $150.  PLEASE read the course descriptions and requirements on before enrolling in any course, and where required, complete the application.


We look forward to interfacing with every student

Nancy Holden, Director of Education  



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